"Back To The 80s" Murder Mystery feat. Justin Schlegel of 98 Rock

Die Laughing Productions

Die Laughing Productions is back with another interactive, hilarious whodunit. We’re taking you back to the 1990’s with Hit Me 90’s One More Time. You’re at a radio station promotional event where listeners battle it out for the hottest concert ticket of the year, Ace of Base. Everything goes smoothly and no one dies. Not! Some unlucky person will not just be losing their religion, but meeting their fate!

Hit me 90’s One More Time stars 98 Rock’s Justin Schlegel, Two Princes, Mr. Jones, all of your favorite Die Laughing Productions comedians and most importantly, you the audience. Come celebrate the 90’s with us for all we really wanna do is have some fun, jump around and help you get through this semi-charmed kind of life.

Eat. Drink. Laugh. Solve a Murder.

Cast includes: Justin Schlegel, Tommy Sinbazo, Erik Woodworth, Rob Maher, Joe Robinson & Sean Gabbert



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