King Yellowman and the Sagittarius Band

King Yellowman has an incredible history in Reggae music. His upbringing at the Maxfield Home orphanage in Kingston and being albino in Jamaica were two obstacles the he overcame and went on to be (at one time) the biggest reggae artist since Bob Marley.

After winning a talent contest at Tastee Patties in Kingston, Yellow went on to excite reggae crowds all over Jamaica and the rest of the world with his boastful and sometimes bodacious lyrics. His ability to ride rhythm and excite a crowd made Yellow an instant hit in Jamaica. He also began to work with the Ace Sound System in St. Thomas and drew big crowds at his dancehall performances. Later in his career, Yellow began to spread out and work for a number of different producers, sometimes releasing as many as five albums per year. This led to a recording contract with CBS Records. Yellowman recorded one album with them before he was diagnosed with jaw cancer and was given six months to live. This was in 1986. After surgery an extended leave of absence from the record industry, Yellowman began his comeback with the song "Blueberry Hill", and his career was re-launched. His first album for RAS came from producer Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell and was called "Yellow Like Cheese". Coincidentally this was the start of a long and fruitful relationship with RAS and Yellowman and also RAS and 'Fatis' and his exterminator production. Yellowman has always been very professional to work with and always a respectful and reliable human being. He has managed to outlive his predicted fate of death and his performances are incredibly lively as he seems to have an unlimited amount of stage energy. We can only hope for the best for Yellowman. He has continued his hard work and his devotion to his family is to be complimented.

The rudest Dancehall toaster of the 1980s, Jamaica's albino son Yellowman made as many enemies as fans with his controversial, often overtly sexist (if tongue in cheek) lyrics. Now back on the Ragga scene, singing at a slightly slower pace, Yellowman's witticisms are as cheeky, spirited and intelligent as ever, and delivered with his customary sharp, melodic style.

Zion was given a “Best New Artist Awards” after his performance from Thompson’s Productions. With a voice and style reminiscent of the foundation Reggae artist of the 70′s, Zion has brought back the soul of classic Roots into contemporary Reggae music. Through his latest singles “Upright” and “Poor Man Crying”, Zion carries a torch of the foundation pioneers that carried the infectious drum & bass sounds of Reggae to international heights. Mixed at Bob Marley’s legendary Tuff Gong Studio in Jamaica.

“Upright” and “Poor Man Crying” demonstrate Zion’s knack for packing searing social commentary and spiritual revelations into pulsating drum rifts. Fiercely private of his sound, style and packaging, Zion has seen fit to master all aspects of musical creation. From song writing to playing the instruments to engineering. Born in rural Dominica West Indies, Zion’s musical landscape was shaped at an early age by the messages of perseverance, endurance and self and spiritual empowerment in the Roots Reggae Movement of the 70′s. It was after moving to St. Croix, that Zion blew away a local music producer with songs like “United We Stand” and “Here Comes The Woman”. He demonstrated the depth and consciousness of an older soul trapped inside a humble and quiet 16 year old. “While everyone my age used to listen to more younger popular music, I was drawn to conscious Reggae music. I never really choose to do music- it was just inside of me. Once I learned to play the guitar as a teenager, it was like a natural thing. It was just Jah’s guidance”.

Since immigrating to the United States, Zion’s music has spread from the Caribbean to the Southern and Midwestern states where he has built a sizable following as one of the few Caribbean artists in these Hip Hop dominated communities. Performing at events such as The Texas Summer Music Conference and The Hip Hop Action Summit Network. With his sights set on the seasoned Caribbean audiences of the Northeast, Zion wowed the producers of New York’s premiere outdoor Reggae festival Irie Jamboree in 2005. So much so, that he was invited back to bring down the house again in 2006.Zion was the sole roots artist invited by Dancehall legend, Bounty Killer, to perform at the New York Launch of Saddle to the East 2006, where he won over scores of hardcore Dancehall fans. “Zion words” My biggest goal is to come back home to help my people and spread the message of hope, togetherness, and love, Peace. My greatest accomplishment is recording at Tuff Gong Int’l Bob Marley’s studio in Jamaica.—– In 2006 Zion form a band calling the band Zion And The Lion Roots Band. Since then, In November 8 of 2012 the band has opening up for a number of international artist Like The Wailers Band. Check more of Zion on facebook.Desmond Zion Albert.

$20.00 - $25.00


For any wheelchair or ADA needs, please contact the Box Office in advance of the performance at (202)-769-0122.

Please note that the front row of tables and chairs will be cleared for this show to create a general admission Pit. Be advised that there may be some seated areas where vision of the stage is obstructed.


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