That 70s Party

That 70s Party

That 70s Party is a themed musical experience curated by Champion Sound Band. We are here to celebrate 1970s music, fashion, culture, and have fun! Champion Sound Band will be performing 1970's covers, and original songs. DJs Gudo, John Eamon, & Detroyt will be spinning dance tunes from the era on vinyl. Dressing in 70s attire is encouraged! Soul Train lines are encouraged! Come celebrate life, dance, and have fun listening to music from the 1970s.

Champion Sound (Live)

Champion Sound Band creates soundscapes for an experience geared towards empowerment and positivity. We are all champions (you included!) looking to inspire each other in music and life. With a myriad of instrumental accompaniments, the Champion Sound family is a community of like-minded musicians in Washington, D.C.



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