Bwana & Nick Monaco

Nathan Micay, aka Bwana is riding quite a wave. In only two short years since his move to Berlin, the Canadian artist has established himself as one of the least predictable and exciting young talents in operation today. Whether he is remixing cult classic ‘Akira’ into a fully formed album for Scottish label LuckyMe or writing trance dance floor smashes for labels like Cin Cin and Aus, Nathan seems to always nail it. As a DJ, he has only added fuel to the fire with multiple gigs across the globe while maintaining strong relationships with key UK and European clubs such as fabric London and Panorama Bar in Berlin. 2018 has already seen the first release on his new label Schvitz Edits, which has received a great amount of play from the world’s leading DJ’s. With a slew of releases on the way for the rest of the year, things look great for the young Canadian upstart.

The man, the myth, the sexual creature named Nick Monaco is a transformative artist who forever intrigues, tantalizes and delights. Like a butterfly climbing from a delicate chrysalis, Nick Monaco is a majestic sight to behold, and especially to be heard. Many moons ago, he spread his musical wings and began to fly, and today he soars. Not simply a musician, Nick Monaco is a creative explorer who is humanizing dance music. He is an artist who playfully pursues integrity and makes music seeking a deeper connection. He is evolving and deepening with every piece of music he composes and lovingly shares with the world. He has an authenticity to his person and style that is rare in artists, and even rarer in human beings. On his newest album Half Naked, Nick bares more of himself than ever before. Embracing vulnerability with confidence, Nick opens up his heart a touch more and shares his innermost self sounding better, brighter and more adept. It is not an album that deviates too far from the Monaco essence, but it progresses the story of Nick Monaco’s musical journey into a new unique chapter. It’s not necessarily accurate to say Nick Monaco has come along way, he’s always been a bright shade of amazing, but he has one of the more remarkable young careers out there. Too accomplished to be qualified as on the come up, Nick Monaco has come into his own. He happily and heartily contributes to the creative Crew Love collective with beautiful and sexual releases aplenty on Soul Clap Records and Wolf + Lamb respectively. With dirtybird roots, Nick Monaco has taken his sound from the Bay Area around the world and back again, and shows no signs of slowing. Oh, and lest we forget, Monaco isn’t solely about the music, he’s all about contributing to club culture in a very meaningful manner. Taking his albums to the next level, Nick has begun to offer innovative companion pieces to his albums, first with the lipstick line Freak Flag that supports the transgender community and now Half Naked the perfume companion to the album, which allows you to literally smell the music. You can put him on your lips and you can spray his scent on your body, so there’s no way to dance around it, Nick Monaco is a full sensory experience.Here is an artist who is strongly transforming, growing sexier and sexier, more enigmatic, more playful, but fundamentally more masterful. So, the time is now to let your freak flag fly and get half naked with Nick Monaco.

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