NCF 4/20 Mini-Concert Series ft. Names & Dominic Fragman

Names Halloween Spectacular

Washington DC Psychedelic Rock.

Josh Miller
Andrew Labens
Mitch Bennett
Steve Gaudio

Dominic Fragman

Dominic Fragman is truly a unique and exciting artist. He somehow plays guitar, drum set and sings, simultaneously; an innovative approach to the one man band concept, so dubbed the Solo Trio. He uses Rock as a foundation for intense, captivating songs interweaved by exhilarating improvisations drawing from African, Brazilian, Eastern and Jazz influences. His performances have been wowing audiences and are often lauded as mind-blowing, sensational experiences. After seeing Fragman perform, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Leon Russel commented, "It's amazing. Had I not seen it I wouldn't have been able to imagine it."

$4.20 - $5.00

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